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Empowering hospitality businesses, investors and developers

About Us


We are a boutique consultancy specialising in food & beverage, working across the UK and international markets. We help business leaders address a wide range of challenges, combining strategic analysis with operational expertise to develop robust strategies for evolving consumer landscapes. Our projects range from commercial and vendor due diligence to growth strategy, scalability assessments, location planning, international expansion, channel diversification and F&B vision.




“Juniper provides the perfect combination of traditional consulting and on the ground experience. Their work was very thorough and clearly prioritised each action. It has already had a positive commercial impact and we are continuing to see its benefits.”

Co-Founder, Ottolenghi 

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We are a dynamic, experienced and commercial collective with over a century of experience in hospitality and retail between us.

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We provide strategic guidance both sale-side and buy-side. As industry specialists, we provide a nuanced and informed view, going beyond standard due diligence processes. Our methodology involves thorough analysis of primary and secondary customer research, trading data, marketing performance and expansion potential, alongside competitor benchmarking and consideration of broader market trends. We collaborate with management to gain a detailed understanding of performance to date and opportunities for future growth.

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We partner with brands to future-proof their businesses, collaborating closely to address a spectrum of challenges and prioritize objectives. We guide clients in developing compelling growth plans whether they are exploring brand extensions, looking at domestic or international roll out, developing new products, formats or channels, or refining their pricing strategy. Alongside secondary research, we are able to design and conduct bespoke consumer insight programs to inform recommendations. Our holistic approach ensures our clients not only navigate current challenges effectively but also lay a robust foundation for sustained growth and innovation.


We work with developers, landlords and visitor attractions in defining their F&B vision, curating category mixes, identifying target concepts and operators and developing revenue models and projections. Alongside our strategy work, we are able to assist with tender processes, auditing, and trends analysis to keep our clients well-informed and positioned for success in the ever-evolving F&B landscape.


If you're an established brand venturing into a new territory, our tailored approach will equip you with robust insights to de-risk your expansion. We produce meticulously researched strategies that address challenges such as optimal positioning and pricing within the competitive landscape, relevant market trends and nuances in consumer behaviour, location strategy, and operational considerations. Additionally, we offer feasibility studies, forecasts and revenue models to inform your decisions. For select markets, we can connect you with trusted partners of lawyers, accountants, designers, project managers, suppliers etc.


We validate growth potential through a comprehensive analysis of catchment dynamics and trading data. We tailor our approach to each client, conducting thorough regression analysis to understand what factors drive performance, in order to identify suitable locations for expansion. We sensitise assumptions based on competitor portfolios, potential cannibalization and site availability. Our independent reports offer valuable insights for both operators and investors to inform business valuations and investment decisions.


We help clients with a range of expansion questions whether that is identifying target locations for expansion or assessing site opportunities to support a board decision. Our reports are grounded by in-depth catchment and trading data analysis alongside commercial modelling, competitor research, and consumer insight. We understand how critical location is for your brand's success and work collaboratively with our clients to tailor our approach to their business.


We empower businesses to navigate the complexities of international markets and capitalize on opportunities in airports and travel hubs. Our expertise includes researching and prioritising markets, developing franchise and licensing roadmaps, crafting franchise attraction strategies, and producing collateral that resonates with global audiences. Additionally, we facilitate introductions and manage tendering processes for clients seeking a presence in global airports and stations.


We work with entrepreneurs to create compelling investor presentations, business plans and commercial models. We support with fundraising, valuation, site selection and introductions to our trusted network. Our comprehensive business plans cover elements such as market positioning, target customer, pricing strategy, competitive analysis, property brief, financial projections, budgets and ROI analysis. In addition, we are able to assist with execution from writing briefs and vetting partners accross marketing, recruitment, design, project management and chefs.

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Juniper Strategy Ltd
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